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You bite at TVs

what do they taste like?

My name is Emi, middle name Jo, last name classified. I am 17 years old to be 18 in March. I can speak English, Japanese, and German. I am learning Finnish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. When I say I can speak Japanese, I mean, I can speak Japanese. I am studying for the level 2 JLPT exam, if that tells you my level. I like photography quite a lot bit. I like to stare at the clouds as they pass by, and I like to make weird flavours of pancakes. I also like to draw on the sidewalk, as well as text. :) I love those smilie faces. I also like to save worms after a storm. Snow is my favourite form of precipitation. I like rolling down hills in the grass. I also like to snowboard. I like bowling, and I also like to take naps. :)